It is scary enough when you or your family member have a medical issue, which is why you have the right to job protection during that time. I can help if you are having trouble setting up FMLA leave with your employer or if you have been denied FMLA protection.


Overtime/Unpaid Wages- Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

You work too hard to be denied your wages or your overtime payments. I can help you reclaim what you’ve earned.


Age Discrimination-Age Discrimination in Employment Act

I can help you take the legal steps necessary if you are being discriminated against at work or suspect you were not hired for a position because of your age.  Both are illegal and completely unfair.


National Origin Discrimination

Where you are from is part of what makes you who you are. If you think you have been passed over for a job, promotion, or raise, or that you have been disciplined or fired on the basis of your national origin or accent, this is discrimination, and we should talk.


Religion Discrimination

If you are being treated unfairly because of your religion, or if you have been denied the time you need to practice your religion or observe holidays, I want to help you resolve it with your employer so you can focus on what’s important.


Pregnancy, Fertility, and Lactation Accommodations and Discrimination

Pregnancy, miscarriage, fertility treatments, and nursing are not always easy topics to discuss with your employer, but you have the right to job protection if you need time and space while growing your family. These times in your life are not a basis for discrimination in the workplace.


Race/Color Discrimination

Racial discrimination should not exist in your workplace, and it is illegal if it does. Whether subtle or overt, comments or actions, if anything about your race (including but definitely not limited to the color of your skin and your hairstyle) is negatively impacting your life at work, reach out now. I want to hear your story so we can work to make it right for you.


Sex/Gender Discrimination or Harassment

Discrimination and harassment because of sex is not okay, and you know when it’s happening.  Sexual harassment, gender identity discrimination, misgendering (whether on purpose or negligent), pay disparities, comments behind your back… if your workplace is not a safe space for whatever reason, let’s discuss your options.


Whistleblower Protection/ Bowman Act claims

If you have been harassed or threatened because you shined a light on questionable activity at work, or if you have been disciplined or fired because you refused to participate in questionable activity, you can talk with me.


Employment Benefits

Employer policies and procedures, insurance plans and retirement benefit plans can be complicated and may not reflect your legal rights. I can help you review policies to better understand what rights you have.


First Amendment Protections

The First Amendment protects your right to freedom of speech, expression, and religion. You carry these rights with you into the workplace, with limited exceptions. If you have been discipled or terminated because of something you have said, contact me.


Workplace Discipline

If you have been disciplined in your workplace, for whatever reason, reach out for a consultation. How you handle yourself and the actions you take during the discipline process can either make the situation better or worse, and it is important to have someone on your side to help resolve the issue. Discipline can be a form of discrimination, and the earlier I can help you analyze that, the better position you may be in going forward.

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