EEOC Position Statements

If an employee is considering or has filed an EEOC complaint against your business, I can help you investigate the situation, prepare your response, and decide whether you should settle or enter a conciliation. I can also advise you about what future litigation looks like. By understanding this upfront, you will save time, energy, and money in the long run.


Workplace Investigations

When issues arise, objectivity is key. My balanced, objective approach to investigations is based on my journalism school training combined with my experience as a prosecutor and years of employment law litigation. I will not offer unfounded or speculative opinions- I will, however, offer you the unvarnished truth and advise you on the best steps forward to regain and maintain a harmonious workplace.


Workplace Advice

I can talk you through employment matters to help you foster an inclusive workplace, protect your employees’ rights, and prevent future litigation.


Policy and procedure updates


Harassment and equality trainings

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