Moms are the Hardest Workers I Know

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Moms are the hardest workers I know, especially since the pandemic started. There are just no words to describe the weight of what we have been through and are going through to balance work and family But, somehow we figure it out.

You would think that our super-human abilities to multitask and get things done would be rewarded in the workplace, but the research indicates that “gendered patterns of work in the home and labor market continue to be shaped by cultural norms that tie fatherhood primarily to full-time employment and motherhood to time-intensive, child-centered caregiving.” Consequently, moms unfortunately face discrimination in the workplace, especially around hiring.

You should not have to be nervous to tell a future or current employer that you are pregnant or that you have children, but the fear is real. I have been there. I have helped parents who have been there. If you believe you have been passed over for a job because you are a mom or are pregnant, or you need a plan to tell your current employer that you are going through fertility treatments, are pregnant, or need time to pump, please reach out for a complimentary consultation at Sarah Robb Law so we can make it right.


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